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Bits of Discworld fannishness. Mar. 23rd, 2005 @ 10:32 am
I'm downloading both Rough Draft and Abiword, because I don't like Word. Also, Wordpad won't work all the time for the course I'm doing.

I'm going to call the necronerdic kid from my course Thursley, after Eric from Discworld. It just seems appropriate. Actually, I could probably name them all after characters from Discworld, really.

Speaking of Discworld, I wrote a drabble. Mostly Death, because I love the character (and he seems to be getting less screen time in canon these days). And an OC, because... most of the other characters have already seen death at least once. Cliche'd, but it was in my head. And plotbunnies have been pretty rare lately.

100 words, and as yet untitled.Collapse )

Have been checking mail a little compulsively, which is always the way after someone gets my email address. I just need to stop feeling like Bridget Jones about it.

I now have a total of four Pratchett books on my shelf. My sister and mother have the others somewhere, so the section looks very empty. Otherwise they wouldn't all fit.
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L-Space. Mar. 20th, 2005 @ 11:26 am
Bookshelf post, for lack of positive content.Collapse )

This song is now my theme for fridays. It's rather apt, is all.
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GIP Mar. 10th, 2005 @ 06:52 am
Just posting to say I took the icon from ankh_khpt on howdotheyrise. Tried to use another one, but it was two pixels too large. And this computer doesn't have the ability to resize it properly.

Also changed my lj title, because I figured I'd had the other one for a while. This one... I don't know. Partly what this place used to look like, partly my imagination. I might end up redoing my layout at some point.

My vocabulary surprises me sometimes, just randomly.
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I'm experiencing "why the big deal syndrome", and I'm nineteen. Sad, really. Feb. 20th, 2005 @ 11:48 pm
Stuff, none of which mentions the subject. Odd, that.Collapse )
From fannish5: What are your five favourite characters of colour?

I don't really think of them that way, though. *shrug* In no particular order, as usual.

1. Nobby Nobbs. Whatever you say about him, you can't say he's not a character of colour. Green, probably, but still. Or, if that's not allowed, I'll go with 71-hour Ahmed [5]. The guy who chews cloves to seem more foreign and calls Vimes "Vetinari's Terrier" and gets away with it. It was worth it for the scene at the University. The offering of wives and the doctorate (?) of Sweet Fanny Adams (in doggy Latin, of course).

2. Nirupam Singh. *wonders if being from India counts as colour* Too bad. He was the most sensible out of all the witches, and he actually cared enough to explain to Nan about not being able to please everyone. That being said, he was also a kid, too. And he turned Charles' running shoes into a chocolate gateau... that solved a mystery and made me laugh, particularly since Dan ate them/it.

3. The Marquis de Carabas. I just wish that the story was a little bit more than it is. There has to be a midpoint between LotR, where everything is on the page, and Neverwhere, where you only see a little. And it's not enough to really buy into the world. What I'd love is another book about Islington, or Croup and Vandemar, or the Marquis, or even Door's family. I want more than just what's there.

4. Lance Vance. Or possibly Officer Tenpenny. Both GTA game villains, and both real bastards. Nothing to do with colour. Though Pulaski was worse, and he was voiced by Chris Penn. I've got a lot of love for the real unlikeable bad guys. It saves me from being the kind of person who always wants them to win. I like the bad guys in games that you don't mind about killing as much. I'd have hated to kill Rosenberg, Woozie or Toreno, because they're characters you can understand in a good way. Speaking of which, I should have put Woozie up there. Though it annoyed me that they kept playing up his blindness, sad bastards. Still, the scene with the fake chips was worth all the unfair bits, though.

I don't like singling out characters based on colour. It's a bit unneccessary. I mean, the characters are going to turn up on a favourites list anyway. And race doesn't really apply, a lot of the time, and niether does culture. All you can say is colour, and that shouldn't matter at all. These days, I can probably pass for Maori easily. (I should say Storm, on reflection, but that makes Halle Berry sound good by association. I'm talking old-school cartoon, not the movie. And probably Anamaria, too, because she's the rare strong female character who's mannish enough to make it work. See? I have to actually realise "oh, right, that's another one", and I don't want to do it. Now, had it been kickass female characters, they'd have popped up first thing.)

5. Yo-less. Nicknamed as such because he never says Yo. Though his colour was never a big thing, either. He was the sensible one, more than he was the black one or whatever. The only reason they mentioned it was that he should've said Yo, but he was so sensible and uncool that he never did. There were all the others, who had bags of weirdness, and Yo-less was the one who wore a tie. In a Good Omens comparison, he'd be Wensleydale, no question.
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As the cut says. Feb. 19th, 2005 @ 03:17 pm
More thoughts about Charlie and the Chocolate factory (as it stops me being bitter about Hellblazer)Collapse )
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Other entries
» *blinks*
I had the most screwed up dream. I dreamed that my two favourite authors had died.

It wasn't lucid, but it was so damned convincing. Am still incredibly shellshocked. That was the most evil dream I've ever had.
» Movies and stuff.
I love it when I have those moments of insane genius. Just call me Vizzini at the moment, as I think I made myself a bit confused.

I also watched Adaptation, followed by a sort of documentary about action movies. You can understand why I'm feeling cynical, I hope.

Also, apparently sex and dysfunctionalia have replaced Pulp Fiction-type movies at Sundance. And then there's Mirrormask, which from the site looks to be fantastic with an expletive prefix.

Pretty Persuasion is my movie, so I hope they don't screw it up. By "my" movie, I mean that I wanted a movie about my school. This is probably as good as it gets. And besides, Brooke is that journalist woman. I didn't have the actress in mind, but by gods she's perfect. Only one better would be the actress who played Lindy. The cast seem almost perfect, too. I hope I'm not disappointed.

I just have to wait until Winter. Hopefully they'll show it here. Or at least have it go straight to DVD. I'd buy that, if just for the research.

Bother. Can't remember where this is from, but I copied and pasted it. Film cliches!

"ENOUGH, PLEASE, I'M BEGGIN' YA: Healing. Slumming superstars. Californians in general. Recovery junkie Californians in particular. Movies about making movies. Ordinary people with extraordinary abdominal muscles. Dysfunctional families (is there any other kind?). The 1970s. The Tarantino Factor. Quirk. Handheld. Emo-folky soundtrack music. Freeze-frames. Creative swearing from cute kids."

Movies about making movies = the same as those kids who write about being panicked in an exam while they're sitting an English exam. The first time, maybe it was novel. After the first few, it gets real old. There are only so many variations. And it's not exactly creative. Maybe if the sitting in an English exam led to the kid setting up clues until he eventually can't handle the pressure and shoots his exam advisor, that would make a different story. It wouldn't get high marks, but it'd make one hell of an impression... if the marker got far enough along to actually read the end. And there's the problem.

Dysfunctional families... well, actually, our family isn't. Maybe it's just the media that's to blame, for saying that you have to be corrupt and suicidal and living a lie if you come within a certain threshold of living in Suburbia. And it does get old after a lifetime of it. I didn't think American Beauty was anything too special. And The Simpsons isn't half as funny as it pretends to be.

The 70s... why would someone not like that era? Though it is a bit old by now. Yes, they wore silly hair and suits. No, it's not that big a deal.

Tarantino... Tarantino, Tarantino. I love some of the guy's movies. Reservoir Dogs is just two people talking most of the time, like it's a stage play, and yet it works. Have never seen Pulp Fiction. I tried, but when you start halfway through something, it's hard to keep going. I liked From Dusk Till Dawn 3 better than any of the others, and it had very little to do with him (he was executive producer, apparently). Haven't seen Jackie Brown or Natural Born Killers (he wrote the latter's story). I've seen all of Vol. 1 of Kill Bill and liked it, in a sort of artsy ridiculous way. Saw a fair bit of Vol.2, but not enough for me to want to see it again, except maybe for the theme music. The violence puts me off, yes, as it should when I see a woman crushing an eyeball under her bare foot.

The problem is the imitators. The ones the studios put money into because they think we want to see the same movie a million times over. Well, we might, but we don't want pale imitations. I do want different movies. And the imitators of Quentin Tarantino always use far more violence than he ever did. I think that's why he eventually had to use a lot of violence. He had to be different, so he created something like Kill Bill, which... always seemed like a joke to me*.

Quirk. I don't know what that refers to. Must find out, actually.

Handheld. Uh... I never liked that technique. Not even for Blair Witch project. It looks like "Mel's amazing movies"** brought to the big screen. And it's a cheap substitute for injecting reality into the film. Find some less harsh lighting, some less botox'ed actors, and then maybe it'll look a little more real. The botox is a whole other rant.

What's emo? What's emo-folky? I think I know what the sound they're aiming for is, though. Me, I'd put classic rock in my movies, or that little change from sort of obscure music to top twenty stuff as the girl fits in. Maybe culminating with something like Pink as she eventually loses it completely. Sort of sickly funny.

Freeze-frames... I liked the effect in Casino the other day. I think I noted that down. *goes to check* Yeah, I said that it was cheesy, but it worked. My favourite ever freeze-frame is at the end of The Langoliers, where they all jump up in the air, and the cheesy music plays and the freeze-frame of them in the air is the last shot. Either it's jumping, or a high-five. Either way. So bad that it's good. And that's the thing, really.

Creative swearing from cute kids? Was a bit offended when I first noticed it in a movie. Well, actually, the worst bit was the stealing money and so on, but yeah. But haven't noticed it so much since then.

Oh, this reminds me. Am still up for the rant thing. Any time you like, just leave a comment and I'll rant for or against the subject. Interesting concept.

From the IMDB message boards: "i could say fag whenever the *beep* i want. It's America" No... no, it's not. It's the internet, which has people from America, Europe, Asia... even as far out as little old New Zealand here. *amused* I bet the poor guy thinks it's America when he goes on holidays as well.

I've said it a few times before, but I love the IMDB. So much crazy.

"Not that it really matters. As both the Matrix sequels have now proven, Matrix Uno was lucky to appear (<<== keyword) as intelligent and thought provoking as it did, 'cause all the Dubya Bruvvas were really interested in is coming up with an excuse to shoot guns and blow sh!t up. They're nothing but a pair of hacks that struck it lucky -- ONCE. And going by precedent, my money says that any subsequent projects they take up will only further prove that point. Assassins 2, anyone?"

Please allow me to die now. Seriously. *giggles* I like this person. Besides, The Matrix pretended Alice in Wonderland was deep, instead of a made up dream. Last movie to do that was Resident Evil, and that was dire.

Oh, my dear gods. Rawiri Paratene, otherwise known as Koro from Whale Rider, was the voice for Rangi from Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale. *shakes head* He rules. That is the best animated movie out. Sorry to Nemo and others, but... come on, it's Footrot Flats. And Rangi was the coolest character, besides maybe Pongo and the Dog. And Dave Dobbyn did the soundtrack.

To Watch List:

Came a Hot Friday - Not the best title, but am assured it's good NZ humour. 'Sides, it's got Billy T in it.

"To imagine what Meet the Feebles is, simply take the world of the Muppets, with a spice of Fraggle Rock, and then add a good hard helping of pornography and death, and you'll have Meet the Feebles." - Have got to see this, along with Braindead. Hopefully without needing to throw up or have eyes scrubbed out. Oh, and Bad Taste. Because I think I need to see some really bad Peter Jackson films before I die.

Warlords of the 21st Century - Doesn't the title say it all? Bad scifi, but funny bad. And apparently has a homage to Duel.

I really do need to see Spooked. Really really. I can't wait for it to be out at the movies. It'll be excessively liberal, of course, but still.

Must see Hopeless. Really. It's the original to Love Bites. It has Adam Gardiner in it. *is hopeless fangirl*

Tongan Ninja has Raybon Kan in it. Heh. And some classic quotes. It's possibly better than Americanised parodies, because this one isn't Westernised.

Still wondering about Perfect Creature. Nuovo Zealandia. *dies* And vampires. I hope this comes out in cinemas, so there are reviews.

...How the hell is Heavenly Creatures like Election or Heathers? *curious* It's a lot more serious, I'd have thought, especially as it's partly true. At least they admit it's not like Jawbreakers. Though those seem to be the magic three. I still don't understand. Heavenly Creatures is... sadder, prettier and uglier at the same time, and odder. The other two or three seem like mainstream American movies, and not very well known at all.

I haven't watched all of those three, mainly because I hadn't heard of Heathers, I don't like Reese Witherspoon, and I gave up after the typical High School part of Jawbreakers. Am I missing something? Perhaps. I don't tend to like American satire, because it goes OTT and becomes an extreme version of whatever it was trying to mock. And if you're not supposed to like what they're mocking, then you won't like the movie itself. Same goes for parody, only more so. Scary Movie and Not Another Teen Movie are just like what they're trying to parody, but with a few gross-out jokes thrown in.


*Seriously. I saw the trailer and laughed my head off, thinking it was some sort of bizarre joke. The whole movie based on the premise of killing someone... and /volume one/? Not to mention the music and the scenes on the trailer. I don't know if it was supposed to be funny, but it was. I didn't believe it was really a movie.

**Not Mel Brooks. Um. It was a programme for kids when I was little. This girl Mel would get her friends to act, while she'd record it with the camera. That's what the whole show was about. It had that sort of inspiration of "yes, that is good, but even I can do better". Blair Witch Project seemed like that, but less entertaining.
» Random stuff.
You scored as Mindfuck. Congratulations, you scored Mindfuck. You've probably seen a lot of movies, and have grown to hate mainstream shit. You're looking for the movie that will leave you breathless, and with 21 questions to think about. Check out: Donnie Darko, Being John Malkovich, Pulp Fiction, Memento.










Sadistic Humour


Mindless Action Flick


Romantic Comedy


Movie Recommendation.
created with QuizFarm.com

I think they should include Twelve Monkeys with this rec. Otherwise I agree so much that I need an expletive to deal with it. Plus it's got a picture of Frank on it. *grin*

More silly meme-y quizzes within.Collapse )

I really should claim Parvati Patil/Jareth at ithurtsmybrain, because those two are just... they deserve each other.

Student Loan Debt Increases. Shouldn't that be obvious? Our education minister is a fuckwit, if you'll excuse the language. Not only does he introduce NCEA, the method of education no one is happy with, he also has failed to deal with student loan debt at all.

I want to go to the "Snowdrome". Because I want to see if it is really as fake as it sounds. Why not just take a road trip to Mt Ruapehu or somewhere? Granted, it's not the best place in summer, but who wants to ski in summer? The change in temperature could be harmful. Besides, there are no rocks to fall on, no slush to slip in, no real wind to freeze your face into a grimace. Besides, it sounds expensive for snow. At least a road trip would be entertaining.

Screw it. I give up on this voting business. Will pick a name at random. Lesser of many evils. At least that way I won't have any problems with the law, and won't have any guilt if person I voted for actually wins. Elections are ages away yet, I'm sure, but, much as I love Queen Helen, I think it's time for a change. Of course, it won't be any better, but maybe it will. There's always hope, after all.

Found out that the director for Pretty Persuasion also directed Blink 182's All the Small Things and What's My Age Again videos. *grin* They're two of my favourites.

Strange, how our Chaplain and RE teacher could tell of the horrors of Auschwitz better than any article. Because they'd visited there, and they could express what they'd seen without giving a knowledge overload or preaching too much. There was also the other one... Dachau, I think it was. And there were pictures they'd taken, which made an impression.

» Well, today was weird. Rabbit Hole Day.
My once friend was on E! channel. She looked perfectly normal there, talking about how her traumatic experiences were the perfect basis for a movie. Her hair still looked like sheep's wool, though her clothes looked gorgeous.

Now that freaked me out. Because any movie based on her life would be rated R18 at least. And she specifically mentioned certain teachers. As well as that the soundtrack would be all R.E.M. songs.

And then... I switched over the channels. Apparently John Banks is our prime minister. It has to be some kind of sick joke. It was bad enough when he was mayor, as he was a bigot. But... I want to know who voted for him. Surely they'd see through him, right?

Still can't get over that. Even Helen Clark's better. Hell, anyone would be better.

One hell of a shock to the system. The one person for whom I can't find any redeeming qualities whatsoever. I think this must be hell, because surely no one would be that stupid.

Also, I saw briefly Johnny Depp in a Maroon 5 video. It was... familiar somehow. And really creepy.

I then noticed that our house was slightly different. Not enough that it was obvious, but there were a few differences. The curtains were a few shades lighter, and the fireplace looked more polished. The bookshelves were neat, which creeped me out.

I looked in the mirror, and I was beautiful. I don't mean pretty, I mean facial surgery makeup and boob-job beautiful. And wearing gorgeous clothes. And no glasses. But at the same time it looked hideous. I'm not sure how, but it did.

I then felt like throwing up, and almost did, but I actually heard a voice telling me to stop, and that the dress would have to be cleaned next thursday.

So I turned around, and standing there was something that looked like a spider. Well, take the legs of a spider and make them claws, make it stand up, and give it some sort of pod on its back, and you'd have it.

At that point, I ran into my room and locked the door, closed my eyes, and tried to sleep. What, like you never expected Alice to freak out instead of just wandering around dazed?

It worked, and thankfully everything appears to be fairly normal again.

(I figured my day down the rabbit hole wouldn't be pretty. It also wouldn't be conversational or jolly. *shrug* It'd be pretty damn twisted. And, oddly enough, this could well be straight out of my dreams. Possible explanation post in the works.)
» Bitching, and Picspam.
I'm bitter.

I have loved Witch Week by Diana Wynne Jones since I was about five or six years old. I still do, and I still read it every so often.

I realised, through the well-meant comment of someone on an lj community, that it is so much better than HP, but it will forever be thought of as inferior.

Fucking hype. And, yes, it does deserve an expletive. Some things just do.

And those people who start comparing Reacher Gilt to George Bush should be shot. Also compared was Lord Rust. It ruined an otherwise interesting discussion. Comparing fictional characters to real people does not make a person intellectual. Maybe if they'd actually gone through and pinpointed reasons for it, but no. The fact is, I'm a little sick of the comments that aren't backed up by anything. I don't mind if someone says that he's stupid and he sucks, because they're entitled to that opinion, but it's annoying when they bring politics into everything else just to show him as the villain, regardless of whether it fits.

Besides, I thought Reacher Gilt was charming. Bush may have some good qualities, but he's not exactly charming. Reacher Gilt knows what to say, while George W Bush is known for not pronouncing words correctly. "Dubya" is no pirate, nor does he pretend to be one. Reacher Gilt is a corporate and PR slimeball, who uses slippery words. Reacher Gilt shows that he is a pirate and is amazed when people trust him and call him a good friend, and think they've outfoxed him. Dear gods, am I getting through to anyone at all? They are different, and one is only a fictional character.

I can handle Bush being compared to Lord Rust a little more, because it does fit, slightly. I just don't think it was meant to be him, but people are sort of projecting him onto any villain in the hope to convince other people. It's ridiculous.

*sigh* Will stop this now.

<a href="http://www.wxplotter.com/ft_nq.php?im">
<img src="http://www.wxplotter.com/images/ft/nq.php?val=5762" alt="I am nerdier than 87% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!"> </a>

Well, that was more than I expected. Am quite pleased with nerd status.

<a href="http://www.wxplotter.com/ft_loser.php?im">
<img src="http://www.wxplotter.com/images/ft/lsr.php?val=0730" alt="I am 84% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!"> </a>

And this one was only to be expected.

Bugger fanfiction. My original story has consumed my head. Am planning it in screenplay format, just to see if it gets written that way.

Time to update my list of unusual but good-looking actors. This is based on movies and not how they look in real life currently, but they do still hold some appeal even then.

Picspam, because I feel like it. Even though I'm on dialup, others should beware.Collapse )

Phew... That was some work. Double-handling, mostly, because I don't like to hotlink, but still.
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